We love to cover different magic items here on the blog, and I’m always inspired by the tabletop RPG community when it comes to creating and sharing fun ideas. While the Dungeons  & Dragons team does a nice job of releasing content for all to enjoy, there will always be gaps that allow creatives to inject their own ideas.  One such gap exists in the realm of magic items.  So far, we haven’t seen a magic item supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. So, I was excited to see a new Kickstarter launch titled Menagerie of Magic, which is just one such book.

So, it’s time for a Kickstarter Alert: Menagerie of Magic

Preview from the Menagerie of Magic Kickstarter Page

This compendium will be a 250+ page tome of magic items developed for D&D 5e. With well over 700 items currently planned for the release, I’m particularly looking forward to the focus on special items crafted for each race. Magic items should always be tied in some small way to the characters, and playing on their ancestry is a fantastic way to do so. Though, this isn’t the only treat players will find. The author has also penned rules for items sharing a special link. Acting as magically bound sets of armor for player’s to collect along their adventures. Another feature that caught my eye was the Spiritual Beasts. Magical mounts with distinct features to assist characters in their travels. Players always love new toys, and I was impressed by some of the samples shared below. It’s also  important to me that a publisher invest in artwork as the visual aspect is what has many of us returning to our favorite books time and time again. The samples are fantastic, and the developer has also committed to having over 600 pieces of art included in the final release. The images shared here are just a few preview pieces from the Kickstarter page, and there are more for you to check out if you are so interested.

Preview art from the Menagerie of Magic Kickstarter page
Preview art from the Menagerie of Magic Kickstarter page

The Kickstarter for Menagerie of Magic has been successfully funded with an astounding 250,000+ backing. Though, don’t feel bad if you missed it, as you can still pre-order right from the Kickstarter page found here!

While your here, leave a comment on some of the magic items you would like to see, and check out some of our favorites here!


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