Upon entering the tabletop RPG hobby, one thing many people discover quickly is just how far the rabbit hole goes. Players are lured in with supplement books to enhance their character, items that assist in play, such as, miniatures or spell cards, and, everyone’s favorite accessory, colorful dice. Game publishers do their best to make the barrier to entry as low as possible. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and many others provide a basic rule-set as a free PDF download. Along with beginner boxes becoming popular, it’s fair to say that this depth of content, which can become pretty pricey, is completely optional. While many of these additional products are produced by the game companies themselves, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more high quality products made by third party publishers. With the rise of Kickstarter, fans have a voice in choosing what kind of content they want to see in the RPG space.  Not to mention, the ability to directly support these endeavors. This was how I discovered the publisher we are going to look at today: Nord Games.

Treacherous Traps Preview
The Dreaded Accursed Preview


Creativity is core to the tabletop RPG. Everything from designing an adventure to developing your character requires your imagination. Toss in outlets for folks to share these ideas, such as, the DMs Guild, Drive-Thru RPG, Kickstarter, and it’s no surprise that a vibrant third party market exists for tabletop RPGs. I believe it was on Kickstarter that I was first introduced to Nord Games. In fact, we wrote an article on Nord Games last Kickstarter: The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting. Now, many games have a small section dedicated to these elements, however, it can be rather difficult to fully realize these aspects in a rule-book with so much more to cover. Crafting being something that I never added in any sort of depth, I backed this Kickstarter to add a new element to my games. From there, I discovered a slew of fantastic products from Nord Games, all of which, had the same focus that attracted me to their website in the first place. Books like, Treacherous Traps that boasts a tremendous 250+ traps and a number of puzzles to add to your dungeons. Perhaps, you require assistance creating towns and settlements? Nord Games also has Spectacular Settlements that provides GMs with 64 complete cities/towns, along with a variety of tables to generate your own.  Of course, monsters and NPC supplements are common on the third party market, but what makes Nord Games stand apart is each book being focused around a theme, rather than being a 300 page hodgepodge of random creatures.  Give me an undead book like the Dreaded Accursed, or NPCs from the towns seedy underbelly like Ultimate NPC: Skulduggery.  Just flipping through these pages will inspire GMs developing their own encounters and campaigns. These are just a few of the books that caught my eye, and, though some books were delayed due to the GLOBAL PANDEMIC, I’m happy to see that many will be back in stock soon. Of course, you can purchase the PDFs and pre-order your physical copies now. Nord does a great job of offering a free preview PDF as well.  So, you can easily sample some of their works Personally, I can’t wait for some of these to come in!

Spectacular Settlements Preview
Ultimate NPC: Skulduggery Preview

So, if you’re already this far down the rabbit hole, and some of these books sounds intriguing to you, then I encourage you to check out Nord Games here!


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