Recently, my D&D character of over a year died. Keth was a lovable half-Orc monk that enjoyed punching things.  Sometimes in a flurry. Tragically, he was captured by the enemy and forced to fight for sport in a cage. He beat many opponents, but in the end, it was too much. The brave monk of heironeous fell in combat. It was a tragic, yet fitting end to that character. Placed in a cage like the beast he feared that many saw him as, Keth stood tall and proud to the end. Of course, you know what this means… It’s time to roll up a new character. I wrote an article about my process of making characters (you can read it here), but I wanted to share my new character. Perhaps I will write more of his adventures here on the blog, but for now, I would like you to meet, Magnus Dre-thinar.

Being I was joining an established group, I already knew which roles needed to be filled in the party.  We lacked a front line fighter, and additionally, could use some more offensive spell utility.  So, I settled on a Cleric using the War/Destruction Domains.  These provided the boost to front line fighting that our party needed, as well as, access to healing and combat spells.  War and Destruction Domains sounded extremely aggressive to me, so a Tiefling came to mind for his race.  From there, I searched Tiefling art, and was inspired by the piece you see at the top of the article.  Once I had the basics, I set to write a back-story.  I chose the name Magnus Dre’thinar as Magnus is Latin for “Great”, and though I made up the last name, I plan for his name to mean “The Great Dread” in Abyssal.  This felt like it added a pinch of destiny, and I liked that.


Name:  Magnus “Mags” Dre’thinar
Class: Cleric      |      Race: Tiefling      |      Alignment: Lawful Neutral 


A wizard named Amelaya was studying portals and the connection between realms. Her homeland, Ixylon, was beginning to ally themselves with creatures from another plane (Devils), and Amelaya wished to learn more in hopes of discovering a way to defeat these creatures, however, In this search for knowledge, she was approached by a Demon Lord. The demon did not reveal its true nature, but told Amelaya of its hatred of devils, and agreed to expand her knowledge to help combat this shared foe. In return, Amelaya would have to play host to a portion of the creatures power. Being tricked, she was surprised to find that she was with child, and gave birth to a Tiefling. Finally understanding the true nature of the demon, Amelaya wanted to destroy the child, but found she had grown attached and couldn’t bring herself to end the child’s life. She instead decided to teach the child strong morals in hopes to undo its nature. The demons did in fact allow her to access some knowledge that allowed her to become a powerful wizard over the years. Amelaya still feared the demon lord, and on the child’s 12th birthday, a cult came to take the child for training. This demon cult would operate in secret within Ixylon. The child became known as Magnus Dre’thinar, which means the Great Dread.  Mags was seen as a blessing on the cult, who in turn,  protected and trained him in the ways of death magic. This cult was meant to infiltrate Ixylon, therefore, Mags was trained as a Cleric of War in order to fit in with the worshipers of Hextor. During this time, Amelaya would still check on Magnus, though he was unaware of the danger he was in. Once Magnus was powerful enough, the cult planned to use him as a host for the Demon Lord. Learning of this, Amelaya helped Mags escape, and they lived on the run for a number of years. Using portals to stay ahead of the demons ire. Though, it became clear that the demon lord could track them due to the pact made all those years ago. During a final attack, Amelaya was able to cloak Magnus from the view of the abyssal plane, and pushed him through a portal to an unknown location; even to her. That was the last time that Magnus has seen his mother, and that was 3 years ago now. Magnus has been traveling for the past 3 years, making his living as a sell sword in a new land. Magnus found himself in a neighboring country that is currently at war with Ixylon, and, due to his knowledge of Ixylon and their operations, he has become useful to many organizations that wish to drive the evil Ixylon empire from their lands. Magnus does find it hilarious that he is currently working toward the same goal as his former demon cult.. but he doesn’t mention that last part.

Darth Maul as inspiration

Thinking of how these events shaped the character, I began to put a personality together.  I also took influence from Star Wars in the character Darth Maul.  Mainly as a compliment to the artwork I already selected, but also for ideas on how Magnus would fight in combat.  D&D may not have lightsabers, but double-bladed swords are exotic weapons.  I also liked the idea of the duality of his nature versus upbringing.  I will have to see how he interacts with the party, but I like the idea of Magnus having a soft side that catches people off-guard.  I believe Mags is well aware of what he is, and how people view him.  He will play into that if he deems it to his advantage.    

Magnus is a Tiefling with two horns that almost slick back with his hair. His skin is a light ash gray, while his hair is bone white. These features pop a bit more as his armor and breastplate are black/darker gray. He has a slender build with dagger like features. Magnus tends to wear a menacing look upon his face, which keeps people at bay. He also carries a double-bladed sword, which is not a common weapon, and quickly draws the eye.

Double-Bladed Sword

Magnus is a man of two faces. He was raised with compassion and strives to be more than the fate he was destined for. However, he finds himself at home in battle as he calls forth the powers of war and destruction. Mags would be lying if he said he did not enjoy his time with the demon cult, and often wonders if he is fleeing a destiny that can’t be outrun.  That being said, he does not view these things as evil, but rather natural forces no different to fire/water.  When approached, it can be off-putting that he’s more friendly than he appears, but that isn’t saying much.


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