With the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (see our review here), a number of fantastic new magical items were introduced. One of these legendary items will be familiar to fans of Critical Role, as it plays a key role in the narrative in the second campaign. Containing powerful dunamancy magics, the Luxon Beacon is a glowing crystal with a few interesting properties.


Fragment of Possibility
The Luxon Beacon was introduced early on in Critical Role’s latest campaign. By staring deep into the crystal, the players were able to see deep into space and time, while receiving a Fragment of Possibility. On a mechanical level, this fragment lasts 8 hours and allows the player expend this fragment in order to add an additional d20 to any roll, and choosing the more beneficial result. If the original roll has advantage/disadvantage, then you apply this affect after the advantage/disadvantage is applied. So, if an enemy is attacking you with advantage, and you wish to use a fragment, the rolls would look like this:

  • Enemy: Attacks you with advantage – rolls 18 & 7.
  • The enemy will choose the 18 because of their advantage, because they really want you dead.
  • You: Using your fragment, add an additional d20 after the original roll: roll 12.
  • You would rather not be killed, and choose the 12 rather than the 18.
  • Result: 12

Soul Snare
A lesser known aspect of the Luxon Beacon is it’s ability to ensnare the soul of followers that have undergone the required ritual. If the follower dies within 100 miles, the Luxon will reincarnate their soul into a baby developing within 100 miles. Obviously, this trait will not have a giant affect on your session-to-session play, however, as shown on Critical Role, this has a greater affect on the narrative as a whole. You see, as the soul comes of age, the person will remember more and more of their former life.. or dare I say, lives. In the setting of Wildemount, the Kryn Dynasty’s rulers have been doing this for generations. Slowly uncovering the mysteries of dunamancy and the Luxon Beacons, this has lead to the war that ravages the land. So, whether you are playing in Wildemount or not, the Luxon can act as a vehicle to drive story, as well as, granting players an interesting power that can be shared among the party.

What do you think of the Luxon Beacon? Does it make an interesting magical item for players? Let us know in the comments below!

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