This past week, we were giddy with excitement to read the new Dungeons & Dragons: Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. You can checkout our Review Here , as well as, an article covering The Mace of the Black Crown Here. The Critical Role/D&D team have crafted a book that is packed with content for DMs and players alike. Including a small bestiary containing monsters that many Critical Role fans will recognize. So, we thought it would be fun to take a look at one of Matt Mercer’s own creations: the Udaak.

Described as a “Demonic cross between an Ox and Gorilla”, the Udaak is a powerful foe with a challenge rating of 16! During a war between the Gods known as the Calamity, these creatures were originally brought over from the Abyss as a force of destruction. However, since this event, the Gods have been sealed away in their own planes, and these Udaak have lost their connection to the demonic plane. Mainly lone hunters, these beasts are found on the edges of Eastern Wynandir, and will attack almost any prey that happens to cross their path.

Unfortunately for the denizens of the Dwendalian Empire, the Kryn Dynasty, with whom they are at war, have begun to utilize the Udaak as potent siege monsters. This is due to the development of magical collars that can control the beasts. Now, this is a small tid-bit that shouldn’t be overlooked. A fun encounter could be something akin to the party attempting to free the Udaak within the Kryn camp, or, during a battle, finding a way to remove the collar so the Udaak turns its focus to their would be en-slavers. As a DM you can introduce this creature to a lower level party, and though they cannot defeat the Udaak, the party has a clear objective to overcome the encounter. Later on in the campaign, when the party is of the appropriate level, they can face off against this deadly foe. This way, there will be a real sense of accomplishment when the players finally slay the Udaak. Don’t get me wrong, they may all die. With a multi attack action, the Udaak can perform two slam attacks and attempt to take a bite out of one of your players. If the bite lands, then the Udaak will attempt to swallow your player whole. Which is always fun. One thing I wish the book emphasized is the Gorilla aspect of the Udaak. This is a monstrous gorilla-beast with four arms! Can you imagine how the Udaak can utilize the terrain by swinging/jumping from trees. Facing this thing in the wilderness, where it has made its home, will be a fun challenge for any party!

As DMs we are always on the lookout for new monsters and encounters for our players, so I was excited to see a bestiary included in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, and even more so when I found the Udaak. So, what do you think? Are you excited to use the Udaak in your games? And what kind of encounters come to your mind? Let us know down below in the comments!

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