This year may have started out a bit bumpy, as far as all human civilization goes, so my dear reader, I really hope you are doing well and staying safe. Like you probably, I have found myself with quite some time on my hands as of late, which means time to read, write reviews, and squeeze in a small campaign here and there.  All while practicing safe social distancing.  That being said, nothing spices up a two week quarantine like adventuring in space. So, let’s take a look at what the Paizo team has in store for Starfinder in 2020.

Starfinder: Near Space

The next book being released for Starfinder is titled: Near Space. Available for purchase at your local game stores now, which is fantastic to hear, because of all the extra reading time we all have! Near Space is a setting book that appears to be more of a loose area that contains the Pact Worlds, the Veskarium, and tons of new worlds to be explored. Personally, I enjoy playing the warrior-culture archetype, so the Vesk were a favorite of mine from the launch of Starfinder. Well, now we get to explore the nine worlds of the Veskarium empire, and really dig into that culture. While this book will be dripping with lore and ways to flesh out your game’s settings, the Starfinder team always adds a bit of crunch to provide players with new options on every release. Near Space is no different, and it looks like players will be treated to new races, archetypes, equipment, and spells. Obviously, these new toys will be themed around the areas explored in the book, but that just helps to bring these new locations to life. Near Space nearly slipped past me at light speed, but will have me checking out my local game store this weekend!  Check Out Near Space at

Starfinder: Starship Operations Manual

Words fail to describe how excited I am for this book. As soon as Starfinder was announced, all I could think about was gathering my friends and jumping into our ship. I honestly don’t know where it comes from, but spaceships always seem to become characters in their own right.  Just look to any science fiction series. Is it Star Wars without the Millennium Falcon or X-Wings? Upon playing a new Mass Effect game, tell me you didn’t spend like 20 minutes running around your new Normandy ship. (I’m rolling sense motive..) To cap off my way-to-many examples, the ship Serenity in Firefly isn’t just the crew’s home, but rather, a symbol of freedom. With this release, players will get over 100 new starships in which to make their own. Full of equipment such as guns, drop pods, and ship AI, I am certain this book will be a fan favorite. Due out on August 11th per the Amazon, and probably sooner at your local game store. So get ready to explore all of near space in your new ride!  Check Out the Starship Manual at

Starfinder: Alien Archive 4

Players and GMs alike can look forward to new cultures, planets, and space ships in which to explore, but one thing is missing… That’s right! New aliens to shot with lazer guns! It’s wild to think Starfinder is going on their 4th Alien Archive release, but every one has been a blast to read.  Always full of crazy ideas, this release is currently slated for October, so not much is known at the moment, except a small preview on, but one thing that did catch my eye is the inclusion of rules to create your own playable aliens. I always love when the creative tools are placed in the community’s hands, because they will always do amazing things with them. So, be on the lookout for Alien Archive 4 from Starfinder!  Check Out All the Aliens at


The Starfinder team has some fun releases scheduled for this year, and I for one, am foaming at the mouth.. (which also could be why I’m quarantined) What being said, the Starship Manual clearly has my eye, but what about you? What release are you looking forward to the most? Or what kind of supplement book would you like to see from the Starfinder team? Let us know in the comments!

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