2020 is going to be a big year for tabletop RPGs, and we at the +1 RPG Blog have some exciting reviews scheduled for the coming weeks.  The first release of the year will be the Game Mastery Guide for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.  We just got our hands on this release and, as of writing this, we are almost half way through!  So, I decided to take a little break to share a sneak peek at what is coming out next from the team at Paizo for Pathfinder 2e.  

Pathfinder: Lost Omens – Gods and Magic

Cover of Pathfinder’s Gods and Magic, due out March 24th

The Lost Omens line of books is centered around the world of Golarion, which is the core setting of the Pathfinder brand.  These books will still feature rules and player options, however, the theme of these books will tie directly into the world.  Obviously, this new release will contain, you guessed it, Gods and Magic.  Fleshing out deities and holy orders along with new feats and divine spells, I am personally excited for this book, as magical/divine forces are always in play during a fantasy adventure.  Also, can we just give a virtual high-five to the artist for this amazing cover!  Pathfinder: Gods and Magic will be available on March 24th!  Amazon Link Here!


Pathfinder – Advanced Player’s Guide

Pathfinder – Advanced Player’s Guide, due out August 11th

The next “core” rule-book for Pathfinder will be the Advanced Player’s Guide.  As we all know, the team at Paizo prides themselves on developing a game with a wide breadth of player options.  In 1st edition, this ideology really took hold when the original version of the Advanced Player’s Guide was released.  That being said, there are some pretty high hopes for this book. Boasting four new classes and over forty new archetypes, it appears the team at Paizo are well aware of that bar.  Five new races will also be included with so much more, and it seems that at its foundation, this book will really let loose some of the more creative options that we have known and loved from Pathfinder in the past.  I don’t know if this book will largely be a re–introduction of older material, or how much it branches out, but this will be a key release to gauge the direction of 2nd edition. Amazon Link Here!


Pathfinder – Bestiary 2 

Pathfinder Bestiary 2, due out June 9th

Another thing that Pathfinder is known for is monsters.  With six monster books under their belts, the team at Paizo just know how to create fun and interesting monsters, and it was something they were going to have to come out of the gate swinging with.  So, on June 9th, we will be getting our 2nd Bestiary, which will include over 300 new things to kill (or kill us).  Little is known about this product as of now, but I have never seen a bad monster book from Pathfinder.  Amazon Link Here!


Pathfinder: Lost Omens – Legends

Pathfinder – Lost Omens Legends, due out August 11th

The next book in the Pathfinder – Lost Omens line is titled; Legends.  Outlining over 40 of the most powerful characters that rule over the Inner Sea region of Golarion.  From Kings and Queens to the movers and shakers, this book sounds like it will be full of personalities to populate your world.  This maybe a book that is tied to the Pathfinder setting, but as GM, I’m always looking for inspiration and fun characters!  Amazon Link Here!


It appears we have many exciting releases to look forward to from Pathfinder in 2020.  So let me get back to writing my review for the Game Mastery Guide! 

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