That was fast! Just this past Friday we posted an article covering a potential leak from the Dungeons & Dragons team, and it appears that leak was spot on. That’s right tabletop fam, the D&D team has officially announced the release of Mythic Odysseys of Theros coming in June of this year. If you read our article last week, you know I’m extremely excited by Theros as a setting, and we even began to speculate on what other additions we wanted to see in this new book. Well, along with the official announcement, we got a glimpse of what new toys are coming in Theros; along with a beautiful alternative cover!

Supernatural Gifts: New player options that are described “mechanically similar to character races”, the player will be able to choose a “Gift” that provides your character with a variety of traits. This is exactly what I was looking for in regard to another form of epic progression for characters. If we’re going to challenge Gods, then players will need a way to up their power level to new heights. Obviously, we haven’t seen any examples, however, the way this statement reads, I would think the player chooses between pre-defined sets of traits to enhance your character. This makes sense when referencing “race” in terms of how these gifts apply. For Example: A player chooses the Gift of Strength, and receives the below bonuses:

Gift of Strength:
(Total BS Example)
– +2 to Strength
– +2 to Constitution
– Trained in Athletics
– Is Really Good at Arm Wrestling

New Race: Leonin

New Races Leonin and Satyr: New races are always exciting, and it looks like we are getting at least two with the Leonin and Satyr. I personally don’t know much about these races in the context of Theros, however looking at the art, I believe these will be fun additions to any D&D game. It’s also possible that we could get a few more races as well, but these were the only two mentioned in the announcement.

New Race: Satyr

New Sub-classes for Bard and Paladin: I will always champion new player options, and it looks like we are getting the College of Eloquence for the Bard, and the Oath of Heroism for the Paladin. I remember reading the Paladin rules during the Unearth Arcana play tests, and enjoyed what I read. On the other hand, I don’t know much about this new Bard school, though excited to dig into these new sub-classes all the same.

Mythic Monsters: YEEESSS! Lets put the Mythic in this book! Described as “more than simply legendary creatures”, these monsters will have abilities that “create a challenge fit for Gods”. Beautiful *Chef Kiss*, and exactly what I wanted to see. A ramping up in power level to truly take it to that mythic level. To do that, you need monsters to step up their game. This does leave a question around how powerful the “Gifts” will be to contend with such foes, but I like that we are moving in this high power direction.

God-Weapons: Sold, take my money D&D. This book will contain a list of signature items from the Gods themselves. I wish we could see an example of these items, but these weapons paired with the Gifts section could be what pushes our characters to the limits in order to take on mythic monsters. You can see how all of these sections work together with an overall vision of taking players to this God-like level. I’m here for it. One of those weapons had better be a two handed sword called “God-Killer”. Come on D&D, make it happen.

So, it’s official, Mythic Odysseys of Theros is coming in June, and if you can’t tell; i’m excited. It appears the team is pushing the power level to a ridiculous high fantasy space, and that is what I want from a book with Mythic Odysseys in the name. If you read our last article, this is what I was hoping for, and it looks like each section builds on one-another to setup this idea of mythic adventures in Theros.

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