Talk about timing!  Just this week we had an article covering the “The Top Existing IPs that Should be Tabletop RPGs“, and Magic the Gathering came in 3rd on that list.  Well friends, it looks like a possible leak is making its way around twitter, and this one looks legit.  Introducing another world from Magic into the Dungeons & Dragons universe, it appears we are going to Theros in “Dungeons & Dragons: Mythic Odysseys of Theros”.  Obviously, this is a leak and nothing is confirmed, however, judging by the success of the Ravnica book for 5th edition, and the high quality art, I would say this is a safe bet.  As I have said many times on this blog, I’m a huge fan Magic the Gathering, and own my fair share of boxes filled with old card sets.  With such rich worlds that have been brought to life over the years by some of the best artists in fantasy, this team up is a match made in the Underworld.  Clearly, I’m hyped by this news, but why should you be excited? and why Theros?

The setting of Theros is based on ancient Greek civilization/myths.  Containing epic heroes to combat fiendish beasts, civilization on Theros has grown in strength due to their strong walls and city-states.  While the rest of the land is barbaric, with roaming packs of  minotaurs, these city-states, protected by their Gods, are the only thing keeping monsters at bay.  Of course, just like in Greek mythology, the Pantheon of Gods have their own desires, but play a much more tangible role in this fantasy setting.  In the Magic card game, this Pantheon was represented by a number of “Mythic Cards” (meaning very rare), and contained extreme power.  I was playing Magic back when this set came out, and even pulled a few of these Gods for my own decks.  With gorgeous art and the power to devastate your opponent, it was very exciting to receive one of these cards in your pack.  Many players built whole decks around using their God to reek havoc on the table.  Now, Dungeons & Dragons is no stranger to Gods, however, having more options and a unique art style, could inspire new stories and spice up some existing groups.  So, kinda like role play during sex… but for role play.  









As excited as I am for the setting of Theros itself, what else would I want to see in this new book?  Judging by the title, I believe it will contain at least one adventure, but I would want it to be on the high level side of things.  Something around the 10-15 level range, because I want to interact with and fight Gods!  That has to be the core of it.  When I think Greek myth, I think stories of epic heroes coming face-to-face with beings beyond ourselves.  I want to carve my way into the underworld!  In order to do this, we would need stat blocks for the Pantheon, but going one step further, I would like to see the personality of these Gods fleshed out.  How would my character interact with these entities (before I kill them, of course).  Speaking of decide, some epic level magic weapons would be a natural fit for a book such as this.  Taking this thought to the next local step, it would be exciting to have some new high level player options.  In a perfect world, maybe options to take your character to a more mythical level.  This is more hopeful on my part, as I don’t know how many people would get use out of these options, but when it comes to fighting Gods, we need to take our characters to a higher power level.  Something along the lines of a Mythic Level that takes you past 20.  Again, wishful thinking, but it would be intriguing.

All of this speculation is a ton of fun, and as you can tell, I’m pretty excited for this next D&D book.  Again, it’s just a rumor/leak at this point, but we will cover the full announcement when Wizards of the Coast releases their slate of books for 2020.  If it is true, does this have you excited?  Would you have picked Theros to be the next Magic-D&D crossover?  Let us know in the comments what you think!  

With art like this, who doesn’t want to kill Gods in Theros?

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