Magic the Gathering (#3)

I don’t see this one being brought up a lot, which is crazy to me given the cross over in audience, and the fact that both D&D and Magic are owned by the same company: Wizards of the Coast. Now, D&D did put out a campaign setting book in the world of Ravnica from the Magic universe, but I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can keep the D&D 5E system, but by creating Magic’s own tabletop RPG, you have the ability to create rules/mechanics around the core of the game. That being the five elemental magics that are represented by a number of core colors icon in the card gaming sphere.


  • Huge Cross Over Audience
  • Unique Magic System
  • So Many Spells
  • Many Interesting Worlds
  • Archive of Monsters/Art

The primary aspect the game would need to nail down the most is the magic system. It would be interesting if, instead of classes, you could choose between melee or caster, and then, select a primary magic element. This would be something akin to the types of decks and colors in Magic the Gathering. Some colors/elements will have more of a focus on offensive spells, while others could be more defensive or support.  Could you imagine all of the new and classic spells that could be added to your tabletop game from the thousands of cards Magic has in its catalog? Perhaps instead of multi-classing, the player can opt into a secondary school, much like how decks in Magic can be made up of more than one school.  This would allow a level of customization that would appeal to many players.  If there is one thing I know about players, it’s that they ALWAYS want new spells.  The final step of character creation would be selecting what plane or world your character is from. To do this, the main book would require a chapter outlining the most popular of Magic settings, which could be expanded on in supplement books if desired.

When I think of a Magic the Gathering rule-book, really what I envision is how beautiful and crazy the art would be. I have played a ton of Magic in my day, but most of the time what hooked me was the monsters and art of a given set rather than any specific mechanic. Even if D&D continues with these different Magic settings books, I hope they do a Monster Manual as well. If Wizards of the Coast did produce a rule-book, you could imagine they wouldn’t have to spend much on new art as you can pull from an assortment of past magic sets and famous monster cards. Just thinking of the different worlds, art, and monsters has me scratching my head on why this is not already a thing.

Magic the Gathering Color Wheel


  • Dependent on Cross Over
  • Competing with D&D

I think it’s fair to say that tabletop RPG fans are aware of Magic and vice versa. So, if the average Magic fan is not playing D&D, will a Magic setting convince them to do so? If this new game does bring some fans over to the other side to try a different Wizards of the Coast product, then it’s win, win! However, that is a risk, because I don’t see a game like this being prompted outside gaming stores as the audience is rather specific. This competing market share could cut into the D&D line, and I could see that being a hesitation on the developers mind. That being said, these maybe challenges for a stand alone game, but future setting/monster books could be possible as a joint release with the D&D brand.

Mainly because I’m greedy, I would want a stand alone Magic the Gathering Tabletop RPG so we can really dive into the magic system, and fully flush out the different worlds/monsters fans see on the beautiful card game.

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