We are back from an extended break to talk about everything going on in the tabletop RPG community! During the holiday (where I also got married!), we received an announcement on the newest book coming to Dungeons and Dragons this March. With some surprise, I am happy to report that this new book will be the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount!

Many will already be familiar with this setting as it’s home of the most popular tabletop RPG stream on the inter-webs: Critical Role. That is correct friends, Matt Mercer’s brain child is joining the official D&D universe! A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Matt and the whole CR team, as this is the first new universe to join the D&D franchise since Eberron back in the 80s.  Though, not Mr. Mercer’s first venture into game design. The man behind the DM screen has produced class/rules options on the DMs Guild, but more importantly, self published a campaign setting for his world titled Critical Role: Tal’Dorei.  That being said, it appears this new book is no reprint, and jam packed with over 300 pages of new content for players and DMs to explore. Including:

  • An expansive Wildemount gazetteer.
  • Descriptions of the major factions of Wildemount.
  • Player options that include new sub-classes, new spells, and a tool to help players deeply integrate their characters into the setting.
  • New magic items, including weapons that become more powerful to match their wielders.
  • New creatures native to Wildemount.
  • Four introductory adventures—one for each unique region of Wildemount.

Even more exciting, is this book appears to be written largely by Matt Mercer himself, and will feature tons of art commissioned directly from the Critical Role community. This is heart warming news, and just goes to show the love and support the fans place in the show is truly respected.  Personally, I am very excited for all this book has to offer.

Art Previewed from the upcoming Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

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