Recently, Dungeons and Dragons have announced a new campaign setting book for the world of Eberron.  This news has my fingers tingling with excitement for several reasons, none of which is the massive cup of coffee eyeing me suspiciously as I commune with you now.  This is because the world plays an important part in any tabletop RPG.  The players will provide the action and drive the story forward, but the world is what inspires them to do so.  For many of us, classic fantasy worlds, such as the Forgotten Realms, can have a bit of a “been there, done that” kind of feel.  After the release of Ravnica for 5th Edition, I believe the D&D team uncovered a desire in the community for more non-traditional-cool-as-fuck worlds in which to host their misadventures.  Enter Eberron!


Eberron is a war-torn land with a strong steampunk aesthetic; fusing magic and technology all with a pinch of dark noir.  Originally created by Keith Baker after winning a writing competition run by Wizards of the Coast in 2002, this setting was later officially released in D&D 3rd Edition in 2005.  Adventurers were captivated by the idea of exploring Sharn the “City of Skyscrapers”  which looks to make a return in this new 5th edition release.  One aspect that sets Eberron apart is the level of magic native to the world.  In Eberron, low level magic is much more common, but high level magic is almost unheard of.  This change works well to support the darker tone, and to fit low levels of technology.  It takes the steam out of the lighting train if a Wizard can simply use dimension door to travel.  (+1 to Puns) I feel that D&D 5th Edition has created some amazing adventure books, but there is no denying the content drought for players looking for new options and settings like Eberron.


One of the most exciting things announced about this new book is we finally get a new class!  As odd as it is to type this, D&D 5th Edition released in 2014 and the Artificer that releases with Eberron will be the first class to be added to the game since the Players’ Handbook. That is 5 years.  I am a huge fan of what the team has been doing with 5th Edition, but I really need to see a few more classes added to this game over the next year or two.  This is a good step, and I don’t need a ton, but I would like to see at least one new class a year and maybe a few archetypes.  My personal gripes aside, the Artificer will be a welcome addition to the game, and it looks like we will be getting 16 new race/subrace options.  Along with a group patron system, mini adventure, and new monsters, Eberron is looking to be a fantastic release. 


Keep your eyes here as we will have an in-depth look at the Artificer coming soon!  Until then, get your airship ready for Eberron!


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