The Rogue Himself, Patrick Delaney

Welcome to the +1 RPG Blog! My Name is Patrick Delaney and tabletop role playing games have been a part of my life since I was young. Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition had just launched, and I remember being enthralled by this ancient tome-like book at my local game store. Even when I did not have a local group to play with and college gave way to other activates.. I always collected RPG books in order to learn about new worlds or marvel at the artwork.  Like all great fantasy and science fiction, you simply get lost in the writers imagination, and desire nothing more then to play in their literary sandbox.   I hope to share some of that love and vast book collection with you.  So welcome to.. a very empty blog at the moment.  SOON though my friends! This page will be amass with worlds and monsters, dungeons and dragons.  As of today, you.. my good sir or fair madam, have just received a +1 to RPGs. 

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